Blagojevic, the Tribune, and the Chicago Cubs

Recently arrested Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevic has been charged with attempting to pressure the Tribune to fire certain members of their editorial staff in return for his assistance in unloading the Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field.

Of course, this is but one of many allegations against Blagojevic, the most infamous of which is that he attempted to sell Obama's vacant US Senate seat.

Before running for governor, Blagojevic went hat in hand to Chicago's Serbian community looking for support. The Serbian Orthodox Church does not endorse political candidates, but many individuals unwisely gave him the benefit of the doubt, even though he maintained no ties with the Serbian commmunity. Once elected, he predictably served no interests but his own and those of his cronies.

The Chicago Cubs have gone a full century since winning the World Series. Were it not a logical impossibility for anything to be a disgrace to Chicago, the Cubs would qualify, and so would the Tribune.


Obama group denies attempt to register Mickey Mouse to vote

Article on tampabay.com

Some people might claim that if Mickey could vote, we might end up with better elected officials than we have now.

BlogTalkRadio Censorship

Doctor Bulldog reports pro-Obama censorship on BlogTalkRadio, and explains what you can do about it:

Obama's Truth Squads Censor Free Speech on BlogTalkRadio




How dare Muslims accuse anyone else of using torture...

...when Muhammad himself used torture?

The article, Iranian TV series has mythological Persian heroes vanquishing U.S., recounts Muhammad's military activities.

Oh, and by the way:

Jesus never used torture - instead, He healed people.

A world-class hot potato goes up for sale

It's legal throughout the civilized world - by definition. Can you afford to provide a safe place to keep it?


Windows StartKey: Bring all your Windows settings on a USB stick


Munich 1938 = Kosovo 2008


Guitar resources on the web


Hoist a stein of Danish beer!


AQ calls for a hit on Geert Wilders


Holger Danske awakens...


Art censorship - and the pagan secret history of Islam?


What it's like for our troops in Afghanistan - and how you can support them


German Minister of the Interior supports freedom of the press


Geert Wilders, Mo-toons, and NATO in Afghanistan



Mark Steyn weighs in on McCain

McCain can sure sound like a conservative

Passing gas - maximum overkill

Seems some Camden-Rockport Middle School eighth-grade boys are taking it to new heights...

Middle School Issues Ban on Intentional Flatulence

CAMDEN (Feb 4, 08): The Merriam Webster Dictionary definition for flatulence is brief: "flatus expelled through the anus." And while it's a natural bodily function, it and allegedly making a game of seeing who can expel the loudest and grossest flatus.

According to this week's "Fire Cracker" newsletter though, an informal eighth-grade publication, the joke's on the boys as the penalty for "intentional farting" is now a detention.

"Strange, but true, thanks to a bunch of 8th grade boys, intentional farting has been banned from CRMS," the newsletter said. "It started out as a funny joke and eventually turned into a game. This is the first rule at CRMS that prevents the use of natural bodily functions. The penalty for intentional farting is a detention, so keep it to yourself!"

CRMS Principal Maria Libby said Tuesday that part of what the students wrote isn't true, and though she acknowledged that there is a punishment for "disruptive behavior," she said there is no new official policy regarding intentionally expelling flatus.

"A ban on intentional farting is not true and I'm not sure if it started as a game or not," said Libby. "It is also not true that this is the first rule at CRMS that prevents the use of natural bodily functions, as was stated in the newsletter, and a detention is only warranted if the behavior is deemed a disruption."

Libby added, "It's not a new policy, but farting can be considered a disruption."

According to a group of seventh-grade students milling around downtown following Friday's storm-related early release, the eighth-graders' escapades are well known in the school.

"They would do it in science class and other places," said Jordan Tyler. "It's a natural occurrence, and we all do it 16 times a day."
When questioned where he learned that information, Tyler and the other students all said it was true, though they couldn't remember where they heard it.

One of the other students, Kyle Ruger, said the act by the boys was funny, but he had mixed feelings about whether it was appropriate.

Jordan Knowlton minced no words when she expressed how she felt, saying, "It's gross."

Remy LeVine said he was in the class when CRMS science teacher Brad LaRoche talked to all the eighth-grade boys about the issue, as well as the consequences.

School Superintendent Patricia Hopkins said she had not heard anything about the issue or the alleged suspected result until contacted by the media, though she did get a good chuckle out of the news.

VillageSoup/Knox County Times Senior Reporter Holly S. Anderson can be reached at 207-236-2496 or by e-mail at handerson@villagesoup.com.

This got me started thinking...

animated laughing green smiley And that's always a dangerous thing!
How, exactly, is anybody going to prove whether a given episode of flatulence is intentional or not?
large animated ROFL smiley
Will passing gas become the newest middle-school "hate crime," depending upon what - if anything - is in the mind of the gas-passer? Or, perhaps, the expulsion of noxious gases is considered to be a violation of the Geneva Convention?
When I saw the link to the above article on a now-defunct forum, here's what I suggested:
Methinks we need a new smiley here. The general concept I have in mind would combine this:
Kiss my butt animated smiley
...(although preferably viewed from the side)
and this:
Maximum overkill green flame smiley
(with the corrosive green flames emerging from the (in)appropriate orifice)
Of course, the school newspaper just has to be called the Fire Cracker!

But that's child's play, compared to this:

MonkeyChapps.com: Blast Master

Posted by Monkee on February 7, 2008 under The human condition
Yes, it’s true. In 1998, I won an international award for flatulence. I’d like to tell my story, and how it may affect your life.

As a child, I was a finicky eater. The only foods I loved were cheese and baked beans. When I ate those foods however, I found that I farted a lot. Being a preadolescent, this created hours of fun for me and my pals. I was about to create huge noisy blasts, and I could control the sound so that I could emulate a fog horn, and elephant, and a 1963 Buick with a rusted exhaust pipe.

But as I got older, it just became uncool to be loud. Girls were no longer impressed, and guys didn’t want to be seen around me, since then they would strike out with the babes. But I still needed to toot. The only thing left was to develop my SBD skills, (Silent But Deadly). We all know that girls like a guy with skills.

The first thing was the science. Flatulence that really reeks is based on the fermentation and decay of food in the bowels. I created a custom diet consisting of broccoli, cheese, peas, whole grains, and of course, tasty baked beans. It was bad. Very bad. I discovered that by lighting my farts, I could project a flame nearly 2 feet. The smell was so bad that even my dog would whimper. But it lacked something.

Then one day, I was having lunch in a Korean restaurant. As usual, I cut a quick fart just to clear the seats around me. But then something happened. My eyes began to water as a stench so foul hit me that I was temporarily frozen. Then the odor became so bad that I puked right in my food. Three seats down, an old Asian man began to laugh. I realized that this old guy had cut the rankest cheese I ever smelled. My whole body was weak, and my pants were stained with vomit. I had to know more.

I skipped work that afternoon and talked to the old cheese cutter for hours. He told me of techniques from the orient that were unknown to westerners. More than that, he revealed to me the one food I was missing, Kim Che. Yes, the real Korean Kim Che that is fermented in the ground for 2 months. If I mixed that with the awesome fart diet I already had, I would be able to melt any vinyl stool in America.

I thanked the old man and started my training. In six months I was ready. That was when, in 1992, I went to Germany to represent the U.S. in Blast-Off, the world flatulence competition, where I won the gold medal. I met the heads of state in several European countries, and was asked to leave a sample of my gas in France, where scientists would break down the components to create new cologne.

Here are some of the things I’m doing, so you know if you’ve had a visit from the champ.
  1. Walmart. I love to cut it at Walmart. Confined spaces are the best, the long narrow isles the confined check out lanes where people are pressed in. I love to make a face and stare at you like you did it, but let’s face it. No one cuts the cheese like me.
  2. Elevators. I like to do it as I exit, so the people standing there have something to remember me by. But the best is “The coffin of Death”. That’s where I’m in by myself, cut a big one, than hurry out as people are entering. By the time the door closes, they discover the smell but it’s too late. They’re trapped.
  3. Quiet places like libraries or movie theaters. Since I am the master of SBD, I can discreetly walk around leaving scent bombs and nobody is the wiser.
So there you have it. I love to fart, and the care I put into crafting a deadly smell cannot be matched. So if you find yourself in a shopping mall, church, or somewhere there are lots of people, and your eyes begin to tear up, babies cry, and you find yourself braking out into a cold sweat as an awful stench starts to permeate your clothes, look around.

I am there.


What ADHD is like from a child's point of view

“I Have Always Felt Different”: The Experience of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Childhood

More publications here.

No answers for men with prostate cancer

NYT Well blog: No Answers for Men With Prostate Cancer

Last year, 218,000 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer, but nobody can tell them what type of treatment is most likely to save their life.

Those are the findings of a troubling new report from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, which analyzed hundreds of studies in an effort to advise men about the best treatments for prostate cancer. The report compared the effectiveness and risks of eight prostate cancer treatments, ranging from prostate removal to radioactive implants to no treatment at all. None of the studies provided definitive answers. Surprisingly, no treatment emerged as superior to doing nothing at all.


Serb detained without charges 2 years in Australia


For US voters: Food for thought

Kosovo: The Foreign Policy Litmus Test

Bad law in the works...

All because we can't name our real foes.

From LewRockwell.com:

The New Crime of Thinking

by Gary D. Barnett

It looks like the term “thought police” just might take on a whole new and real meaning. This depends on what happens in the U.S. Senate after receiving House bill H.R. 1955: Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007. This act (now S-1959 – Senate version) is now being considered by Senate committees and, if passed by the Senate and signed by the president, will become law. Common sense would indicate that something this vague and dangerous would not make it out of committee, but considering that the House passed it on October 23 with 404 ayes, 6 nays, and 22 present/not voting, I’m not holding my breath.

Read the rest.

Believe in survival of the Jews? PASS THIS ALONG!


Link to it or post it on your own blog. Submit a review to StumbleUpon or other social news sites. Email it to your friends.


Saint Sava's Day (Savindan) January 27

Icon of Saint Sava of Serbia

Sretna Savindan - Happy Saint Sava's Day

Tons of links here for Christians and for medieval history buffs alike!

Even LEGAL immigration may cost you your job

Gates of Vienna explodes some more liberal myths:
Greed, Immigration, and the Economy of Poverty

Firefox Mobile is coming

Sign up for the Firefox beta if you like:

Mobile browsing may get a boost with SkyFire and Firefox Mobile

Geert Wilders on free speech

Two videos:

Shoveling that "Global Warming" - in ISRAEL!

Preparations Heating up for the Snowstorm of the Season

SmoothStone takes down anti-Semitic e-jihadist troll

Smiley with megaphone

SmoothStone delivers a delicious rant against the cyberstalkers, trolls, and e-jihadists visiting the excellent Smooth Stone blog:

To the war-mongering thieves in Gaza from peacepalestine.blogspot.com

An open letter to the palestinian thieves, butchers, and mass murderers who are visiting this site from peacepalestine.blogspot.com.

First of all, enjoy your Nakba. You wanted war, now you got it. You wanted war, now you're paying the consequences...

The language in the rest of the post is a little too raw for me to quote directly, but suffice it to say that 1389 agrees with SmoothStone one hundred percent. Read it all!

(Also on 1389 Blog - Antijihadist Tech.)


Reuters: Belarus jails publisher of Mohammed cartoons

BELARUS (Reuters) - Belarus on Friday jailed for three years an editor of an independent newspaper who reproduced cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad that first appeared in Denmark in 2005 and caused mass demonstrations across the Muslim world.

The 12 cartoons portraying the founder of Islam, including one showing the prophet with a bomb in his turban, outraged Muslims who saw them as blasphemous. More than 50 people died in protests across the world the following year.

Belarussian authorities shut down the "Zgoda" (Consensus) paper in March 2006, around the time when other European journals began reprinting the cartoons. The security service, still known by its Soviet-era name, the KGB, began an investigation after Muslims in the ex-Soviet state complained.

Editor Alexander Sdvizhkov was sentenced to three years in jail in a closed session of the court for incitement of religious and national hatred.

"May God and the holy cross be with us," Sdvizhkov said afterwards. His lawyer said she would appeal.

Muslims constitute about two or three percent of the 10 million residents of the country wedged between Russia and three members of the European Union. The Muslim community had called for leniency in the case.

Miklos Haraszti, media freedom representative for the 56-nation Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, protested against Sdvizhkov's jailing, calling the case against him "shocking" and saying he should be freed.

"Persecution of journalists for trying to inform the public on important issues is a misuse of hate speech laws," Haraszti said in a statement from Vienna. "In fact the Belarus government has used the international controversy around the cartoons as a pretext to eliminate a critical voice from public life."

President Alexander Lukashenko is accused by the West of ruling the country with an iron grip, jailing opponents, shutting down independent media and rigging polls, including his own re-election to a third term in 2006.

(Reporting by Andrey Makhovsky in Minsk; writing by Sabina Zawadzki)

Chess legend Bobby Fischer dies

Radio Netherlands: Chess legend Bobby Fischer dies

Published: Friday 18 January 2008 13:06 UTC
Last updated: Friday 18 January 2008 14:52 UTC

Reykjavik - Icelandic national radio reports that chess legend Bobby Fischer has died at home there. He was 64 and had been ill for some time.

US Grandmaster Bobby Fischer became world champion after a legendary game against Soviet player Boris Spassky in the Icelandic capital Reykjavik in 1972. After winning the world title, he did not play another match for 20 years.

In 1992, he played a rematch against Boris Spassky in Serbia, thereby violating UN sanctions. As a result, he faced a ten-year jail sentence if he ever set foot in the United States again.

He went to live in Hungary, and later moved to the Philippines and Japan. He was arrested at Tokyo's Narita airport in 2004 for travelling on a passport that had been revoked by the US government.

After spending months in Japanese custody, Bobby Fischer was granted Icelandic citizenshp as a tribute for making the country famous in 1972.

Also see:

German Polar Bear to Get Name

Breitbart: German Polar Bear to Get Name

Decision will be announced in the afternoon of January 18, 2008.

Founder of California anti-gun group pleads no contest to weapons charges

AP: Founder of California anti-gun group pleads no contest to weapons charges

North Dakota Judge Gets It Wrong - Prosecutes Legitimate Spam-Chaser

North Dakota Judge Gets It Wrong

From the page: "...WAY wrong. This is just mind blowing.

Ever been prosecuted for tracking spam? Running a traceroute? Doing a zone transfer? Asking a public internet server for public information that it is configured to provide upon demand?

No? Well, David Ritz has. And amazingly, he lost the case.

Here are just a few of the gems that the court has the audacity to call "conclusions of law." Read them while you go donate to David's legal defense fund. He got screwed here, folks, and needs your help."

Human-animal hybrid research in Britain

BBC: Green light for hybrid research

I am certainly NOT at ease with this!

From the page: "Regulators in the UK have given scientists the green light to create human-animal embryos for research.

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority granted permission after a consultation showed the public were "at ease" with the idea.

Experts said it was vital for research into life-threatening diseases."

Are you getting a real CHARGE out of your laptop?

Is computing meant to be an electrifying experience?

I was truly shocked! I admit that I am rather stoic when it comes to pain. I recently felt a light stinging sensation from a laptop, but I was busy, so I ignored it. I didn't realize that anything was wrong until I had already received several second-degree burns. Your mileage may vary.

The shock problem is NOT limited to Dell.

In fact, you can get a shock from just about any make of laptop, if you are using it while it is plugged in to AC current with an ungrounded adapter/charger.

What to do? Ask for an AC charger/adapter with a three-prong grounded (earthed) plug. Then plug your laptop into a correctly-wired receptacle.

If you cannot obtain a grounded charger, then avoid letting your skin come into direct contact with the outside of the laptop case while it is plugged into AC power.


(Also at Fort Hard Knox.)


Balkan Terrorists Target Euro Police Convention


(For rolling updates,
scroll down)

Politeia, Saturday, January 12, 2008

The 11th European Police Congress, to be held in Berlin on 29-30th January is the target of a Balkan Al Qaeda franchise.

The convention will be inaugurated by Franco Frattini, Vice President of the European Commission, Commissioner for Justice, Freedom and Security. The second item on the agenda is "Global, European and National threats by Terrorists: National Concepts to face the Challenge."

In a programme note (bottom Programme section) it is advised that one of the speakers, Dr Darko Trifunovic - a maverick young investigator from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Security Studies - will not be able to attend due to "pressure and death threats" made against him by radical groups that are under his investigation. He has decided not to "expose himself and the congress to further danger."

Dr Darko Trifunovic has been conducting research into the origins, ambitions and operating methods of what he calls "white Al Qaeda", the home grown branch of the terrorist franchise organization in the various areas of the Balkans.

It first took foothold in Bosnia-Herzegovina after the Western powers in the 90's saw the influx of Afghan war veterans into the territory as an easy way to support the Bosnian Muslims. Since the Dayton Peace Accord Iranians as well as Saudi Wahhabis have flooded the statelet with funds, over-sized mosques and subversive organizations, one of which has members throughout the Bosniak diaspora in Europe, Canada and the US. One such is CNAB, the center of gravity of the present threats against Trifunovic.

Trifunovic has also found new links between Bosnia and the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and the London and Madrid train bombings. Specifically mentioned are Mohammed Atta, who coordinated the 9/11 outrage, and Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, Bosnian citizenship holder and war veteran, former Al Qaeda 'Operations Chief', who - according to Dr Darko Trifunovic - took over the leadership of the Al Qaeda media campaign ('the Committee') during the planning of the 9/11. Atta's place of residence was a Bosnian hamlet before launching off to Hamburg and the US for his fatal mission.

With the knowledge of the UN interim governors in Kosovo, Albanian-American radicals were actively recruiting terrorists for 'the war against America' prior to the 9/11 attack, of which they had foreknowledge. The UN however, did nothing.

The Foreign Area Officer Association FAOA posits that the Sarajevo based organization, AIO's (Aktivna Islamska Omladina)[1] "(...) Islamic weekly magazine SAFF [2] and organization's website have been fronts of radical Islamic preaching, gaining notoriety for publishing interviews with terrorists who have fought against US forces in Iraq and expressing solidarity with the jihadists and suicide bombers in Israel." FAOA also links the AIO with members throughout the Bosniak diaspora in Europe and the US, one of which is the CNAB, now the center of gravity, threatening Trifunovic.

CNAB claims to represent some 350.000 Bosniak refugees in the US and Canada. Trifunovic qualifies them as a new jihadi organization. He specifies four members in particular, who are one way or another involved in Islamist activities. In Terror Finance Blog in "Bosnjaci.net Attacks on Darko Trifunovic" Trifunovic specifies as follows:

"Here is why Bosnjaci.net, an Islamist web site from Bosnia is attacking me.

One of Bosnjaci.net's favorite and honored members is Sakib Mahmuljin, who is a high-ranking Bosnian White Al Qaeda member, accused of war crimes. See this: "War crimes: "Vozuca case", six years later".

Izet Nanic is a former commander of the 505th Buzim Brigade with the Fifth Corps of the Bosnian Army which was an integral part was the "Hamze" unit. See here and here.

Another prominent individual on Bosnjaci.net is Nezim Halilovic-Muderis. He is imam at the Wal-Mart-sized, Wahhabi King Fahd mosque, which opened in 2000 on the outskirts of Sarajevo, built with Saudi money and named after the Saudi monarch. Nezim Halilovic-Muderis, a Bosnian extremist agitator whose antics I have been following since 1999. Muderis's Friday sermons, available on Bosnian websites, are replete with incitement to violence in Israel, Kashmir, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and the Philippines. He preaches the same line on the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq, as is heard among the acolytes of the late terrorist leader of 'Al Qaeda in Iraq', Abu Musab al Zarqawi.

It is, to say the least, bizarre: "In Falluja, according to statements from the U.S. command, spirits have appeared in the form of enormous spiders, weighing about a kilogram, that only attack U.S. soldiers, and the person who is bitten dies within seconds." More information about this prominent Wahhabist is here.

Another Bosnian Muslim war criminal, protected and promoted by Bosnjaci.net is Rasim Delic. According to the indictment, Rasim Delic was aware that the jihadi members of the Bosnian army had a distinct tendency to commit crimes, especially against captured enemy combatants and civilians (...) Reportedly, however, he took no measures whatsoever to stop these acts taking place.

In an email Trifunovic has it that the web master of Bosnjaci.net, Afan Pasalic even openly confessed that he uses Trifunovic' name to manipulate and and false emails and post comments in his name. Trifunovic qualifies the impersonation quite accurately as "shocking!!!!"

A brief insight into some of the more flowery death threats against Trifunovic, posted at Bosnjaci.net:

"Help us God to erase Trifunovic and entire his family from Earth - We must teach our kids from age of 5 how to use pistols and guns, and that they hold in one hand (knjiga) Ku'ran and in another hand a gun ready for use - If Darko Trifunovci goes to the 11th Police Congress in Berlin, God help that all Muslims finish him - Such individuals as Darko Trifunovic, we need to harass him, and we need to continue to discredit him by all means and to very end, until others dare not show up to talk about terrorism"

The manicheic character of the site is illustrated by the shocking death threats in one section, while another is reserved for "Dobri Bosnjaci" (good Bosniaks). The latter consists of a list of special members of the portal: dangerous Islamic fundamentalists and war criminals. Trifunovic: "We are dealing with pure criminals (...) I am planning to inform all EU, US and other relevant authorities regarding this unfortunate incident in order to prevent such thing from happening again in the future." I don't share his optimism.

Earlier this week a colleague of Trifunovic, analyst Ioannis Michaletos, released this media message on his behalf.

Up to now Dr Trifunovic has been able to conduct his investigations from the ivory tower of the University of Belgrade in relative tranquility. When it transpired however he was invited to speak during the upcoming 11th Police Congress and - as a consequence, the results of his research would reach the professional domain - no methods have been shunned to intimidate him, discredit him as a person and as a scholar.

With false accusations of 'Srebrenica denial' and 'hate mongering' - references to laws prohibiting Holocaust denial and inciting racial hatred - attempts have been made to get him banned from the police convention; impersonations and cyber manipulation being but the least methods of choice to muzzle. But it is my understanding that, far from denying the deplorable events at Srebrenica, Trifunovic has been further investigating the matter.

Apart from the personal injury done here, the public damage of this terrorist saga is two-fold: researchers are being harassed to prevent them from doing their jobs, thus interfering with the right of enquiry. The consequences of such actions on the academic level could well be considerable. The second part is even worse: the intimidation of officials conducting criminal enquiries, subverting the rule of law, leading ultimately to mob rule.

Let me wrap this up with some thoughts of my own. In the past few decades one of the greater mysteries has been the question, how the Holocaust on six million Jews at the hands of the Nazis could have taken place without the entire continent raising up in protest. At present, a sizable majority of people in the West surprisingly seem to be sharing views with the people who have declared against us. However treacherous and hard to fathom this may be, it is kinder on the persons harbouring such views: it is after all easier to be a voluntary accomplice - silent or otherwise - than it is to be a coward.

Recent posts on this subject:

- "Progress Report on Operation Western Deconstruct" (summary of the series)
- "Progress Report (3): the Assault on the Rule of Law"

- Filed on Articles in "Progress Report: Summary", cat. Balkans/E.Europe, GWOT, Moral Legislation, Neo Totalitarianism, Terrorism -

Posted by Cassandra at 18:54

Update 1/15/08:

The Jawa Report: Bosnian Islamist Website Posts Death Threats, Gets Hacked

As of January 13, the website bosnjaci.net, which is said to be an al Qaeda support forum, is no longer functioning. In place of the normal display is a message saying that the site is closed, and that the hacker attack took place because Darko Trifunovic had to cancel his appearance at the Euro police convention.

We will continue to follow this story, which is proving to be very interesting indeed.



UK blogger Lionheart Interviews 1/17/08, 1/18/08

Supporting Lionheart!

Lionheart is a counterjihadist blogger who faces prison if he returns to the UK.

Listen to the voice which is about to be silenced!

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Please sign, cross-post, and email these petitions:


Web 2.0 and 2008 US elections: Digg pairs up with CBS


First iPhone trojan found in the wild


The constant effort and stress that go into a good blog


Bill Clinton gains charisma by putting powerful men at ease with their own dark sides


Violence committed by pro-abortion faction


Terrorists Go High-Tech

Terror Suspects Hone Anti-Detection Skills

Simple Codes, Remote Sites, Internet Phone Calls Among Means Used to Foil High-Tech Surveillance

By Craig Whitlock
Washington Post Foreign Service
Saturday, January 5, 2008; Page A11

MILAN, Italy -- In an age of spy satellites, security cameras and an Internet that stores every keystroke, terrorism suspects are using simple, low-tech tricks to cloak their communications, making life difficult for authorities who had hoped technology would give them the upper hand.

Also see:

Al-Qaida’s new line: Videos for mobile phone

In an effort to extend its influence and its message, Al-Qaida is reissuing batches of its video recordings in formats suitable for viewing on mobile phones.

Al-Qaida’s media wing, al-Sahab, has announced the move on websites commonly used by Islamic militants. Yesterday eight previously recorded videos were made available including a tribute to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the former al-Qaida in Iraq leader, killed by US forces in June 2006.

Dutch royal family involved in lobbying for Bosnian jihadists

From Militant Islam Monitor:

War Child 'charity' co- founded by member of royal family involved in arms lobby for Bosnian muslims in 2001 shuts down Chechen operations

The Long March: The New Left, Cultural Marxism, and Psychopolitics Disguised as Multiculturalism

The New Left, Cultural Marxism, and Psychopolitics Disguised as Multiculturalism

August 02, 2006 10:15 AM EST
By Linda Kimball

From the article:

There are two misconceptions held by many Americans. The first is that communism ceased to be a threat when the Soviet Union imploded. The second is that the New Left of the Sixties collapsed and disappeared as well. “The Sixties are dead,” wrote columnist George Will (Slamming the Doors, Newsweek, Mar. 25, 1991).

Because the New Left lacked cohesion it fell apart as a political movement. However, its revolutionaries reorganized themselves into a multitude of single issue groups. Thus we now have for example, radical feminists, black extremists, anti-war ‘peace’ activists, animal rights groups, radical environmentalists, and ‘gay’ rights groups. All of these groups pursue their piece of the radical agenda through a complex network of subversive organizations such as the Gay Straight Lesbian Educators Network (GSLEN), the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), People for the American Way, United for Peace and Justice, Planned Parenthood, Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS), and Code Pink for Peace.

Both communism and the New Left are alive and thriving here in America. Code words by which they can be recognized are: tolerance, social justice, economic justice, peace, reproductive rights, sex education and safe sex, safe schools, inclusion, diversity, and sensitivity. All together, this is Cultural Marxism disguised as multiculturalism.

Gates of Vienna: Shaking Off Woodrow Wilson

Well worth reading. It shows how foolish and destructive idealism can be.

Gates of Vienna: Shaking Off Woodrow Wilson

Quran on toilet paper - German businessman facing prison

Atlas Shrugs: Quran on toilet paper

He proposed that a "memorial to all victims of Islamic terror" be set up, financed by sales of the toilet paper -- an offer that prosecutors say he also posted on the Internet.

German businessman who printed name of Quran on toilet paper will face trial

The man goes on trial. Faces jail time. Manfred van H. was sentenced to one year in prison on probation in Germany for posting toilet paper stamped with verses from the Quran to mosques and the media. He was charged for defaming religious convictions in a manner that would disturb public peace.

Google and Panasonic pair up to make Internet televisions


Why democracy is a modern-day delusion


The Witch-King hit the ball out of the park on this one. A must read.


UN favoritism toward Muslim refugees

GOV: UN Favoritism towards Muslim refugees

Also please read this comment on another Gates of Vienna article.

In a nutshell, the UN is foisting Muslim refugees, who are all too often unwilling to assimilate, on developed countries, while denying refugee status to endangered Christian populations who would eagerly assimilate if allowed to settle in the developed world.

What a shame.

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Confirmed: Barack Obama Practiced Islam

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Islam(ism) vs. Free Speech

UK libel laws are being abused to keep Mark Steyn and Rachel Ehrenfeld from exposing jihadist wrongdoing.

Read this to learn how the UK libel laws effectively muzzle journalists and authors outside the UK.

Is Jesus God? - Ahmed Deedat Vs Eric Bock 1 of 17

From Tangentspund on StumbleUpon - Ongoing debate with Muslims:

Is Jesus God? - Ahmed Deedat Vs Eric Bock 1 of 17

Car thieves use Bebo to plot vandalism



First They Came for the English Bloggers


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British police have been charged with arresting blogger Lionheart!

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By Baron Bodissey
Gates of Vienna, Friday, January 4, 2008

I have said a number of times that what I do here would be illegal in some countries in Europe, and that a European citizen doing what I do can be arrested there.

Britain is such a country. Its recent laws concerning the incitement of racial and religious hatred have made illegal much of what is published in the Counterjihad blogosphere.

And now the first British blogger is about to face the Multicultural perp-walk.

Lionheart is a well-known patriotic blogger in England, and is on our blogroll. He is currently outside the UK, and has been informed that he will be arrested for stirring up racial hatred as soon as he returns home.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

The cultural weapon in the hands of the modern Jihad within Great Britain, silencing the opposition using our own laws against us — The Dumb Filthy Kaffir’s as the Moslem would say to his children behind closed doors.

What has become of my homeland, the land my forefathers fought and died for on the battlefields of the world when one of their children is forced into the position of facing years in prison for standing up for what is right and just within British society.

At least my words of truth have obviously now reached people’s eyes and ears, with the powers that be now intent on silencing me — Third World Tyranny in a supposed 21st Century democracy!

Who have I killed, who have I threatened to kill? No one, all I have done is written about my reality on a computer screen, and now I face going to prison in my own country for standing up for myself and others.

What has happened to those who threatened my life or who have killed my friends — NOTHING — This is British justice in the 21st Century — Shove your British Labour justice because it is worthless to the Englishman whose country this is, whose country you have destroyed.

Keep an eye on Lionheart’s blog, because he will be posting there concerning the progress of his case. If you’re a blogger, please post about this to help give him as much publicity as possible.

Writing letters to Her Majesty’s ambassadors might be a good idea. I’m going to look for a comprehensive list of contact emails, phone numbers, fax numbers, and addresses.

Britain’s anti-incitement laws are well-harmonized with the Framework Decision, which means that the rest of the “provinces” of the EU will have the same laws on the books when the Lisbon Treaty goes into effect and the legal systems are standardized.

This is just the beginning.

And don’t think that the United States is immune. There are people working diligently right now to get laws through Congress which are almost identical in wording to those used by the EU.

The First Amendment has become all but meaningless in the last two decades. We are at the mercy of nine old men in black robes who sit in summary judgment on our freedoms.

The election of a Democrat as President along with a Democrat Congress could topple freedom of speech here as surely as it has been toppled in England.

Hat tip: JEH.

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Small Biz Survival: Brag Basket is back!

Small Biz Survival: Brag Basket is back!

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