Kinetic Necktie-Tying Sculpture

Why Knot? - A kinetic sculpture by Seth Goldstein

The YouTube description calls it "A kinetic sculpture that continually ties and unties a necktie."

I am not sure whether this fits best into the category of "art", "satire", or "technology". It is not a modern takeoff on Rube Goldberg, but rather, an experiment in robotics and perhaps topology.

Enough with the unicorns!

These guys are a LOT more fun!

Narwhals cartoon video by Weebl's Stuff.

Read about actual narwhals on Wikipedia.

Pointed Gestures

You're disgusted with Obama's nonsensical televised blatherings, you're too frugal to hurl a well-deserved shoe through the screen, but you still need to express yourself?

Me too.

I will refrain from causing more annoyance by discussing Obozo's latest helping of hogwash. Instead, I offer this:

Pleated Jeans: The Angry Traveler's Guide to Obscene Gestures

Illustration of rude gestures in different countries

Click to see the full-size illustration, plus the comments.

The same gesture means different things in different places!


How To Swear In American Sign Language

Taboo Words in American Sign Language v2.0

Note: I cannot personally vouch for the accuracy (or otherwise) of the signs shown above.

Also see:

  • Foreign Fingers offers another illustrated take on rude gestures in foreign countries.
  • Wikipedia's list of gestures, while by no means exhaustive, covers benign as well as insulting gestures.
  • Body Language gives an exhaustive, and very useful, treatment of body language, including hand gestures.

Funky Manqués

YouTube: Alimentando macacos

Are these macaques manqué or is this normal monkey business?

YouTube: Funny monkeys