Digg is NOT buying CoRank and Meneame - but who is?

Mashable reported a rumor that Digg may be buying Spanish-language site Meneame, and "build-your-own-Digg" service CoRank.

Now, Mashable denies that Digg is the buyer for CoRank and Meneame - and they are wondering who is.

This should be interesting!


Kosovo UN corruption, Croatian neo-Nazi sports hooligans

Worth reading: Corruption Eruption, by Julia Gorin

Putin hopes to use upgraded Russian satellite navigation system to track his dog

And you can, too! Sat-nav cat and dog collars should be available to the general public in Russia next year. By 2010, Russia's sat-nav system is expected to offer world-wide coverage.

Putin Wants to Use New Russian Navigation System to Track Pet Dog