Is T-Mobile refusing to send SMS text messages to Twitter?


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Now it is the Goose Creek Three

From 1389 Blog: Now we have the Goose Creek THREE

Evidently, at least one other person was involved in the activities of the two Goose Creek Pipe Bomb Boys, Youssef Megahed and Ahmed Mohamed, who were apprehended with pipe bomb materials in a truck near a nuclear naval base in South Carolina.

University of South Florida student and Moroccan citizen Karim Moussaoui, 28, has been arrested on a weapons charge in connection with that case.

Michelle Malkin has the story.

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New Serbian National Liberation forum


Burqas are bad for your health


Andrew Bostom: why Islam and freedom can never coexist


US patriots must speak out on Kosovo

A must-read!


Iraq al Qaeda videos are in English now


More ways to thank the troops this season


Criminals create a fake eBay site to defraud money from buyers


Tamil Terrorists - Supporting Campaign for Hillary


Fons Tuinstra: Why LinkedIn does not work for me


Venezuelan Commie Hypocrisy Exposed


Social Media Crime Blotter



New EU treaty creates a superstate without a public vote


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Myth-busting the MSM


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Serbian-Americans: The time to speak up is NOW!

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Read these three articles - they are important!

Read Julia Gorin's article on Front Page - ALL of it!

Nebojsa Malic explains what we need to do - and what we have not been doing thus far:

The View from Minas Morgul shows the flaws in our mindset, and what we must change if we hope to survive:

Also see:

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Charles Johnson: your fifteen minutes of fame are OVER!

Small satirical Johnson poster

(Image from Free Speech in the Face of Inhumanity. Be sure to stop by and visit!)

Gates of Vienna explains it all:

Charles Johnson - Dan Rather of the blogosphere?

The decline and fall of Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs. Sadly ironic, in a way...

Even so, his motives for launching these attacks on so many of us were clearly negative, self-serving, and harmful to the Counterjihad.

His ugly behavior and his constant lying could not have been motivated by any positive principles. Either he has allowed himself to become enslaved to his ego, or he tried to sell us out in return for some real or expected material advantage.

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Busted football button

Click here for more articles about the decline and fall of LGF

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Fight George Soros!

George Soros has done more harm to the world than any other living individual.

CLICK HERE to learn how to fight him, and why!

From the article:

I don't think there is any one man that contributes more to the evil of the world than George Soros. He is the black hand. If you feel as I do and want to fight his malevolent influence, join the Gathering of Eagles at a protest at Soros penthouse apartment.

Who: Gathering of Eagles, Kieran Lalor
What: Rally to Oppose George Soros, Charlie Rangel, MoveOn.Org fund raiser for John Hall
When: Monday, December 17th, 5:30 pm
Where: Outside George Soros' penthouse apartment at 87th St and Fifth Avenue.

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Ah, yes, peacekeepers...


Censorship jihad in Canada


Save Christmas!


Christians persecuted in Iraq