Saint Sava's Day (Savindan) January 27

Icon of Saint Sava of Serbia

Sretna Savindan - Happy Saint Sava's Day

Tons of links here for Christians and for medieval history buffs alike!

Even LEGAL immigration may cost you your job

Gates of Vienna explodes some more liberal myths:
Greed, Immigration, and the Economy of Poverty

Firefox Mobile is coming

Sign up for the Firefox beta if you like:

Mobile browsing may get a boost with SkyFire and Firefox Mobile

Geert Wilders on free speech

Two videos:

Shoveling that "Global Warming" - in ISRAEL!

Preparations Heating up for the Snowstorm of the Season

SmoothStone takes down anti-Semitic e-jihadist troll

Smiley with megaphone

SmoothStone delivers a delicious rant against the cyberstalkers, trolls, and e-jihadists visiting the excellent Smooth Stone blog:

To the war-mongering thieves in Gaza from peacepalestine.blogspot.com

An open letter to the palestinian thieves, butchers, and mass murderers who are visiting this site from peacepalestine.blogspot.com.

First of all, enjoy your Nakba. You wanted war, now you got it. You wanted war, now you're paying the consequences...

The language in the rest of the post is a little too raw for me to quote directly, but suffice it to say that 1389 agrees with SmoothStone one hundred percent. Read it all!

(Also on 1389 Blog - Antijihadist Tech.)