Australia: Jesus Christ gone from text books - no more BC or AD

Another attempt by the left to institutionalize secularism and re-write history. They excell at it!

I am going to assume that no religious bodies were consulted: the Gillard Government doesn't operate on the basis of consultation other than with groups that totally endorse its agenda.

I am willing to bet that no clergymen from Judaism or Christianity would endorse this.

Christians in Australia are accusing national education officials of “Christian cleansing” in response to pending changes in school books that would remove references to the birth of Jesus Christ.

The government would replace the terms BC, Before Christ, and AD, Anno Domini, with non-religious language. The new terms will be BCE (Before Common Era), BP (Before Present) and CE (Common Era).

A spokesman for the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority told The Herald Sun that the new terms were an increasingly common standard for the representation of dates.

Peter Jensen, the Archbishop of Sydney, told The Daily Telegraph that taking references to the birth of Jesus Christ out of school books was an “intellectually absurd attempt to write Christ out of human history.”


The Obama Administration Takes on ‘Islamophobia’

The Obama Administration Takes on ‘Islamophobia’

Gutless or suicidal? Free speech still under attack and with some seriously bad "unintended consequences" looming.

An unprecedented collaboration between the Obama administration and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC, formerly called the Organization of the Islamic Conference) to combat “Islamophobia” may soon result in the delegitimization of freedom of expression as a human right.

The administration is taking the lead in an international effort to “implement” a U.N. resolution against religious “stereotyping,” specifically as applied to Islam.

To be sure, it argues that the effort should not result in free-speech curbs.

However, its partners in the collaboration, the 56 member states of the OIC, have no such qualms.

Many of them police private speech through Islamic blasphemy laws and the OIC has long worked to see such codes applied universally.

Under Muslim pressure, Western Europe now has laws against religious hate speech that serve as proxies for Islamic blasphemy codes.

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HOME-grown extremists are actively considering launching terrorist attacks in Australia.

The Jihadists never sleep!

HOME-grown extremists are actively considering launching terrorist attacks in Australia.

From the Herald Sun

by Keith Moore

The latest intelligence also suggests sporting venues, transport hubs and other places of mass gatherings have become the favoured targets of terrorist planners.

"Clearly there are extremists now on our shores," Australian Federal Police counter-terrorism chief Steve Lancaster said.

"There are people out there who genuinely think about doing bad things, or support terrorist acts overseas."

In an interview with the Herald Sun to mark the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, Assistant Commissioner Lancaster also revealed:

POLICE have secretly foiled several potential terrorist threats in Australia by disrupting them at an early stage.

RELIGIOUS extremists who follow a distorted and militant interpretation of Islam are still the biggest threat to Australians.

IT is incredibly difficult for any agency to stop a lone terrorist who decides to walk into a crowded place with a gun or bomb.

TERRORIST groups al-Qa'ida and Jemaah Islamiyah remain powerful threats to Australia.

A Federal Government counter-terrorism White Paper warned last year that some Australians were known by authorities to subscribe to the violent jihadist message sprouted by Muslim extremists.

"Many of these individuals were born in Australia," it said.

"The emergence and activity of terrorist cells in Australia, inspired by the narrative espoused by al-Qaida, is likely to continue.

"Prior to the rise of self-styled jihadist terrorism fostered by al-Qaida, Australia itself was not a specific target. We now are."

Mr Lancaster said while he would rather do both, stopping a terrorist attack was more important than a successful prosecution.

"If even one person is injured or killed in a terrorist attack because you delayed too long, that would be inexcusable," he said.

"You have to make that decision of going in and disrupting. You make it absolutely clear to them that you are aware that something is going on, that you are not comfortable with it and that you want it to stop."

Mr Lancaster admitted the AFP had made mistakes in some aspects of the probe into falsely accused terrorism suspect Dr Mohamed Haneef in 2007, but it had learned valuable lessons from the Clarke inquiry that followed and had become a better force as a result.

"I can tell you the Haneef affair hurt the organisation. It had an enormous impact on morale within the organisation," he said.

"Our response to terrorism continues to evolve since September 11.

"It's a tricky balancing act between respecting the rights of individuals and taking appropriate action to prevent a terrorist act.

"We continue to err on the side of caution in our efforts to protect the community

What Has Israel Ever Done For Peace?


Who came out on top in Libya?

None other than the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), an internationally designated terrorist organization, the so-called “rebels,”with a peppering of Al Qaeda no doubt!

Further funding for the Jihad with the help of Italy and Spain.

Italy unblocks $680 million for Libya – The Australian

ITALY has unblocked $680 million in Libyan assets for the North African country's new leadership, Italian news agency ANSA quoted Foreign Minister Franco Frattini as saying during a visit to Hungary.

"Today a final decision was taken to unblock 500 million euros to give further support to our Libyan friends," Frattini said.

Billions of euros in investments by Muammar Gaddafi's regime have been frozen in Italian banks as part of successive sanctions.

The government last week said it would release 350 million euros from these funds for the National Transitional Council (NTC) but Frattini said the sum had been increased.

Before the start of the conflict, the regime had major investments in Italy including substantial shares in Italy's top bank, UniCredit, and aerospace giant, Finmeccanica.

Libya's colonial ruler from 1911 until World War II, Italy was a close ally and economic partner of the regime until the start of a wave of protests in February.

It has since joined with international efforts against Gaddafi's regime.

Meanwhile, the Spanish government has given Libyan rebels access to $21.8 million in funds in Spain and is ready to unfreeze more, Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero said today.

Further reading from World Threats: Former Libyan Terrorist Now Commander of NATO-Backed Tripoli Military Council

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Wikileaks: Some Useful Information About Jihad in Australia

I have always thought Wikileaks was a bit of a double-edged sword.

Here is a piece on possible Australian links to Al Qaeda. I have no idea what our intelligence organization, ASIO, is going to do with this information.

By Adam Gartrell

WIKILEAKS has published details of 23 Australians believed to have links to a radical Yemeni cleric with ties to an offshoot of terrorist group al-Qaeda.

The latest tranche of Wikileaks diplomatic cables released this week contains one from the US embassy in Canberra that recommends 11 Australians be placed on a no-fly list and a further 12 on another "selectee" watch list.

The cable - dated January 21, 2010 and labelled "secret" - says the names were provided to the embassy by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, (ASIO), the nation's security intelligence agency.

"The 23 individuals are Australian citizens, or are Australia-based, and are of security interest because they have either an historical or current association with Yemeni cleric Anwar al-Aulaqi, or are based in Yemen or the surrounding region and may come into contact with al-Aulaqi," the cable reads.

Aulaqi is is an American citizen at large in Yemen with links to al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

An unapologetic advocate of violence against the West, Aulaqi has been linked to the attempted bombing of a US airliner on December 2009 - less than a month before the embassy cable was written.

He narrowly escaped a US drone attack three days after American commandos killed al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden in May.

Among the 23 names is Rabiah Hutchinson, a grandmother born in the NSW wine-growing town of Mudgee.

Ms Hutchinson has been described as the "matriarch" of Australian-based Islamist militants and has travelled extensively through strongholds of al-Qaeda including Afghanistan.

It is understood she has been monitored by ASIO for years but has never faced terrorism charges. She denies any links to terrorism.

"They've got it wrong. I am not important. I'm just a 54-year-old granny with diabetes and arthritis. What are they so worried about?" she told Australian media in 2008.

But the embassy cable recommended Hutchinson be placed on the no-fly list "due to her demonstrated connections with al-Qaeda" and AQAP's wishes to recruit females for future attacks.

"While we have every confidence Australian authorities can and will monitor her activities and work to prevent her from departing Australia, her past history and association with al-Aulaqi merits her being on a NO FLY status," the cable reads.

The cable carries the name of current US ambassador Jeffrey Bleich.


Max Brenner Chocolate and BDS in Australia

Logo of the evil, anti-Semitic BDS movement:

Logo of the evil, anti-Semitic BDS movement

Aussie Flag
Over the weekend the BDS Movement in Australia, supported by the Greens, attempted another demonstration against the Max Brenner stores - this time in Brisbane.

Danielle Keys reports on the counter-protest against the Socialist Alliance anti-Semites

On Saturday the 27th of August at 1pm, the Socialist Alliance and "Justice for Palestine" met at Merivale Street, Brisbane to march down to Southbank to bully and intimidate the customers and staff of popular chocolatier 'Max Brenner'.

I, Danielle Keys, organised the counter-protest movement a month ago after seeing the Socialist Alternative at UQ handing out flyers about their protest. The flyers said to boycott Max Brenner as an agent of apartheid Israel. I thought it was so disgusting that I organised a facebook event just to see if some friends were interested in counter-protesting.

Little did I know that in a matter of weeks I would have many different groups approaching me to help support the cause, over 90 facebook friends attending and be in contact with the corporate management of Max Brenner. Little did I truly foresee that I would be speaking to almost every single newspaper I can think of as well as television and radio opportunities. I would have been happy to stand alone but I am really glad I didn't have to! The reason that people stand behind counter-protest movements I think is because as just individual people we get bullied by the disgraceful agendas of the loudest most empty vessels of humanity - the Socialist Alliance. They are the unwashed aggressors who exist off the fringes of society prepared to violently demonise anyone who disagrees with them. I really had enough of it and I'm glad to see I was not the only one!

I guess the only way to properly describe the events of yesterday is like this...


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