Are you getting a real CHARGE out of your laptop?

Is computing meant to be an electrifying experience?

I was truly shocked! I admit that I am rather stoic when it comes to pain. I recently felt a light stinging sensation from a laptop, but I was busy, so I ignored it. I didn't realize that anything was wrong until I had already received several second-degree burns. Your mileage may vary.

The shock problem is NOT limited to Dell.

In fact, you can get a shock from just about any make of laptop, if you are using it while it is plugged in to AC current with an ungrounded adapter/charger.

What to do? Ask for an AC charger/adapter with a three-prong grounded (earthed) plug. Then plug your laptop into a correctly-wired receptacle.

If you cannot obtain a grounded charger, then avoid letting your skin come into direct contact with the outside of the laptop case while it is plugged into AC power.


(Also at Fort Hard Knox.)

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