Wannabe bomber hits Disney World trash can, damages nothing but trash can

Crude pipe-bomb-like blast at Disney World (Sun-Sentinel Mobile)


Was the ineffectual Wile E. Coyote so frustrated at never getting at the Road Runner, and so envious of the Mouse's success, that he resorted to smuggling some goods from Acme Fireworks Co. into Disney World?

Are my online friends for real?

BBC News article asks the question: Are my online friends for real? It seems that online impostors are not unknown - and this includes impostors for hire:

He wrote: "I met somebody the other day who told me that online networking was so important, and he didn't have the time, he was paying somebody to be him online. To blog, network, post etc. £1,000 a month too.
"Apparently it's a new occupation which he reckons already numbers hundreds of people, paid to be other people!"

Twitter vs. Pownce

Joshua TreviƱo's take on Twitter vs. Pownce

Tamar Weinberg asks, Twitter Vs. Pownce: Who Pwns?

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