"Internet TV 101"

@chrisbrogan offers a link to "Internet TV 101" http://makeinternettv.org/

Getting back in touch...

I (1389) am interested in getting back in touch with Diane Cerra, formerly my editor at at John Wiley & Sons, over ten years ago. No doubt she will remember Micro Focus Workbench, CICS, tons of tech reviewing. I am interested in getting back in touch. Note that I am married and have a new last name.

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Counterjihadist MUST READ

This article is a counterjihadist must-read: http://gatesofvienna.blogspot.com/2007/07/objective-of-propagandist.html

Also see: Blogger.com Makes it Too Easy to Censor Blogs - What to Do?

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Do anti-malware utilities tell you about government-planted spyware?

Security firms on police spyware, in their own words


About the Monk television show

USA Network: Monk

Interesting websites, people to contact







politicalcp AT yahoo DOT com




Steven Emerson
email: stopterror@aol.com
fax: 202-966-5191
address: 5505 Connecticut Ave NW No.341
Washington, DC 20015






George Lenard's Employment Blawg

George Lenard's Employment Blawg

Can using blogs as background checks be a two-way trap?

Can an employer get into trouble for using Facebook and similar media in hiring/firing? Facebook and employment: an equal-opportunity information trap

Why is GWB still in bed with the Saudis?

According to Jihad Watch, Saudi jihadists now make up half the foreign fighters in Iraq.

AP proves that it is "balanced" ...

Humanizing the Unhuman

Ohio man dies while trying to steal copper power line

Ohio man dies while trying to steal copper power line

Interview with Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch

Ed West of The Catholic Herald interviews Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch: 'Jihad will destroy us if we don't act now'