Quran on toilet paper - German businessman facing prison

Atlas Shrugs: Quran on toilet paper

He proposed that a "memorial to all victims of Islamic terror" be set up, financed by sales of the toilet paper -- an offer that prosecutors say he also posted on the Internet.

German businessman who printed name of Quran on toilet paper will face trial

The man goes on trial. Faces jail time. Manfred van H. was sentenced to one year in prison on probation in Germany for posting toilet paper stamped with verses from the Quran to mosques and the media. He was charged for defaming religious convictions in a manner that would disturb public peace.


my67falcon said...

If it was an American flag or a picture of Jesus people would have been wiping and laughing all day long. Since it is something relating to the religion of hate and fear the man faces jail time. Yea, that’s fair.

Anonymous said...

Not that I agree with his idea, but damn, why jail time?? Isn't that a bit excessive?? He didn't hurt anyone...