Future Prospects of Russia and the U.S.

Is Russia still the "train wreck" portrayed in the mainstream media?

Gray Falcon: Whose Demise?

And will the U.S. go the way of the former Soviet Union?

Gray Falcon: Whither America?

How the Balkans Wars in the 1990s Created Jihadism

What it's like in the world of graphics design

Amnesty International excludes film showing persecution of Serbs in occupied Kosovo

Gray Falcon: No Human Rights for You!

Christmas in Guatemala

BoingBoing: Christmas in Guatemala

Web Comics

Geert Wilders vs. Kangaroo Court

Geert Wilders banner


Been Banned from Little Green Footballs?

Consider it a badge of honor!

First of all, you might want to check out The Coffee Shop Blog. Especially check the "Links for LGF Refugees" in the sidebar.

While I'm no fan of the New York Times, to put it mildly, you might find this article of interest: Right Wing Flame War

And if you have a blog or a home page anywhere, here are some images you can copy and display:

Why are Georgia and Georgia Both Named Georgia?

Georgia the country, and Georgia the US State: How did they get their names?

Slate: Why are Georgian and Georgia Both Named Georgia?

Photos by Jeanette Runyon

Jeanette Runyon's Photostream

German Pirate Party vs. Intrusive Airport Scanners

Wired.com: German Pirate Party "Fleshmob" Protests "Naked" Airport Scanners