PM Gillard: Remaking Australia using the European Model

Julia Gillard is taking Australia down the European road. And I think in more ways than this one!

She has no mandate for this tax. Her immigration and multiculturalism policies will make us more like Eurabia.

Easy to understand this considering she is a "remould the world" Fabian Socialist.

(see picture of Fabian Society's window inscription above.)

AUSTRALIAN and European Union officials will discuss how to link their emissions trading schemes in the future, Prime Minister Julia Gillard says. From the Australian

Ms Gillard met European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso in Canberra today and discussed climate change and a raft of other issues.

The prime minister said Europe was a pioneer in reducing carbon emissions having established an ETS six years ago.

"Both Australia and the EU recognise that carbon markets are the most cost-effective way of reducing greenhouse gases and creating clean energy jobs," Ms Gillard told reporters.

"The president and I have agreed today to establish senior officials talks to discuss economy-to-economy measures we can jointly undertake to link our emissions trading schemes at the appropriate time in the future."

The leaders also discussed global economic challenges, trade liberalisation, and establishing a treaty-level agreement between Australia and the EU.

Mr Barroso praised Ms Gillard's plan to price carbon.

"Australia's decision to put a price on carbon emissions in our view is an important step," he said.

The European Commission president said a price on carbon was the "most cost effective way" to attack climate change and was a "great green business opportunity."

Mr Barroso also said the European Commission had sought a mandate from its 27 member states to negotiate a cooperation framework treaty with Australia.

He said the mandate could be signed next month.

"It will serve as an umbrella for the many areas of our thriving cooperation."

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