Australia: Jesus Christ gone from text books - no more BC or AD

Another attempt by the left to institutionalize secularism and re-write history. They excell at it!

I am going to assume that no religious bodies were consulted: the Gillard Government doesn't operate on the basis of consultation other than with groups that totally endorse its agenda.

I am willing to bet that no clergymen from Judaism or Christianity would endorse this.

Christians in Australia are accusing national education officials of “Christian cleansing” in response to pending changes in school books that would remove references to the birth of Jesus Christ.

The government would replace the terms BC, Before Christ, and AD, Anno Domini, with non-religious language. The new terms will be BCE (Before Common Era), BP (Before Present) and CE (Common Era).

A spokesman for the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority told The Herald Sun that the new terms were an increasingly common standard for the representation of dates.

Peter Jensen, the Archbishop of Sydney, told The Daily Telegraph that taking references to the birth of Jesus Christ out of school books was an “intellectually absurd attempt to write Christ out of human history.”

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