Hasan Mahmud: A Muslim for Liberty - Some important points about Sharia Law

Hasan Mahmud is a member of the advisory board of the World Muslims Congress.

A Muslim for Liberty from FPM

In his recent speech in Scotland, Imam Rauf claimed that no Muslim wants stoning or amputation in America. But if that is true, why have Muslims already brought female genital mutilation, “Islamic” finance and the “disciplining” of wives to America? If they have brought these aspects of Sharia, why would they not bring stoning or amputation as well?

Have these laws suddenly somehow lost the approval of Allah?

Many of us Western Muslims are alarmed by this kind of deception by some of our leaders.

We know well that Sharia law legitimizes violence in the name of divinity. We are sad to see countless open and secret Sharia courts across the West — now they are trying to do it in America. TAM (The American Muslims) created the first blueprint of a USA-Sharia court system back in 1993 in the model of Native American courts.
Sharia law is more than stoning and amputation.

It sanctions other unjust laws even more devastating. Sharia law destroys family peace by setting brothers against sisters with its codification of half-inheritance. It does the same by setting husbands against wives by establishing the husband’s absolute control over his wife’s person and sexuality.

That is why there is no such thing as the rape of a wife in Sharia law. Sharia law allows child-marriage without caring what the husbands do to the unfortunate little “brides.”
Sharia law is a threat to world peace because it thrives on hating others.

By dehumanizing others, it blocks us from sharing this planet joyfully with our fellow human beings. It gives us a false sense of superiority and provokes us to govern the world, whereas in the last thousand years our countries have invented almost nothing.

Many Sharia supporters wouldn’t live a day without the gifts of the West. Still, they come here to enjoy the freedom of the liberal democratic system — while they seek to destroy the same freedom and democratic system.

We must realize that Sharia constantly victimizes every Muslim woman. Whether a husband “disciplines” his wife or not, whether he marries other women or not, his right to do so is an insult to her.

These laws were created based on several fake Hadiths and by violating, abusing or ossifying contextual Quranic verses. Changing the meaning of the Quranic word “Sharia/Shara’a” from “moral guidance” to “state law” was a major conspiracy against Islam. We Muslims have paid heavily for this crime.

Sharia is more than stoning and amputation; it is also an attitude.

This Trojan horse of the West is not a benign legal system; but a malignant provocation to establish global Mullahcracy. It gives the informal ownership of Islam to a certain group of people who use sweet talk to hide violent laws.

Much of the reason for Muslims’ sorry state today is a matter of commonsense that the Prophet warned us about: “What I fear most respecting my people are their misleading Imams” – Sahi Ibn Majah Vol 5 Hadis 3952.

Disclaimer by 1389AD:

Here is my problem with this article. I believe that this article promotes the author's incorrect belief that it is worth making the effort to reform Islam, when I am convinced that all such efforts are futile, counterproductive, and dangerous.

I sympathize with the dilemma of Muslims who are looking for a way out of all the evil that Islam stands for, without actually becoming an apostate. However, I am convinced that there is no possibility of reform and no way out, short of abandoning Islam entirely and accepting the very real risks that this involves.

Many centuries ago, Islam insulated itself against reform. All the schools of Islamic jurisprudence declared that the rules and the theology (such as it was) were frozen at that point, and that no further changes would be permitted. Indeed, Islam has had its "reform" - the Wahhabi movement, which has made everything worse by seeking to "purify" Islam.

I see absolutely nothing whatsoever in Islam that is worth keeping or saving. Islam IS shari'a. And shari'a law is bad even if it is interpreted merely as advice rather than as a requirement.

The only thing that I can say to Hasan Mahmud is this: Be brave. Leave Islam. It is not up to you to save an ideology that is inherently and irredeemably evil. Just get out any way you can, and never look back.

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