Arab Spring: "Freedom and Democracy" in Egypt - hardly.

Well, well, well,,,another wrong call by Barack Hussein Obama.

Can he get anything right?

Egyptian press reports on further evidence of Muslim Brotherhood’s intentions to co-operate with extreme Islamist groups in upcoming elections.

New evidence of the Muslim Brotherhood’s cooperation with extreme Islamist groups has come to light as parties draw up candidate lists for the upcoming parliamentary elections in Egypt.

The Egyptian outlet Al Masry Al Youm reports on coordination plans between Jama’a al-Islamiya’s ‘Construction and Development’ Party and the Muslim Brotherhood’s ‘Freedom and Justice’ Party.

‘Islamists make preparations for parliamentary elections’ cites Nasr Abdel Salam, chairman of the Construction and Development Party:

‘The Construction and Development Party seeks to develop a vision for coordinating with other Islamic political parties, he said, stressing that his organization has close contact with Nour Party, a Salafi group, and the Freedom and Justice Party so that they can agree on the districts where they should each push their own candidates.’

The article also notes the party’s objective to ‘coordinate with Salafis and Brotherhood members in Alexandria, Cairo and Giza.’

Furthermore, the Salafist Front is reported to have announced that it would not be contesting the elections itself, but would instead support ‘Salafi and Brotherhood candidates’, once again highlighting the ideological closeness of the two groups.

Although Jama’a al-Islamiya has publicly renounced violence, the group was responsible for a number of terrorist acts in the 1990s including the 1997 Luxor Massacre, in which 62 people were killed.

In May Just Journalism quoted Osama Hafez, a spokesman for the organisation, referring to the uniting of Islamist groups in Egypt;

‘God’s words must rule and Islam must be in the hearts of the citizens’.


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