Disturbing article at MEMRI site about Iran

Please take a look at this very disturbing article at the The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)site and see whether you would like to submit it to Digg.

If you decide to do so, please submit it directly from MEMRI at their URL.

This document is available at http://memri.org/bin/latestnews.cgi?ID=SD157807:

The Middle East Media Research Institute
Special Dispatch Series - No. 1578
May 10, 2007

Friday Sermon in Kerman, Iran: If Iran Is Attacked, Tens of Thousands of Missiles Will Be Fired at Israel; President Bush Should Be Sentenced to 100 Deaths

The following are excerpts from a Friday sermon in Kerman, Iran, delivered by Sayyid Yahyah Ja'fari. The sermon was aired on Kerman TV on May 6, 2007...

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