For co-authors: Using this blog to work on draft articles

Feel free to use this message blog as a "scratch pad" for working on drafts of articles before they are ready for submission. So if any of you have ideas for an article that you are not ready to submit yet, you can always post them here. If you want help, 1389 and others can assist you with getting your article ready to publish.
Blogger blog posts do not support all HTML features. Don't use font or color changes within link tags. Another thing that sometimes causes trouble is the "blank" keyword that opens the link in a separate window.
Important: Please do not submit any link to Digg, or to any other site, directly from this message blog.

  • If the article exists elsewhere, please go back to the original URL and submit it from there.
  • If it is original work, please post the material to 1389 Blog and submit it from there.

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