Obama to visit his Aussie counterpart PM Julia Gillard

Obama's golf visit out of bounds - From the Age

I wonder if he knows that there is a comedy series on the tax-payer funded ABC about Gillard's life in The Lodge - the Aussie equivalent of the White House?

Here’s a taste!

Then there’s this piece of garbage from Bloomberg: Obama’s soul-mate Gillard.

This contains a sentence that is totally untrue:

"Yet Gillard inherited a long to-do list because Rudd (2007 to 2010) and John Howard (1996 to 2007) had largely left the economy on autopilot."

John Howard’s government paid down the debt he was left from previous Labor governments and Kevin Rudd, who called himself a ‘fiscal conservative’, spent tax-payers’ money like a drunken sailor.

Still, we are all getting so good at predicting how the left-leaning media reports things.

I guess we will have to wait and see if he has a round of golf or not.

I am pretty sure he will be able to borrow some clubs if he needs them.

THE United States President, Barack Obama, has been advised to leave his golf clubs at home when he visits Australia in November.

Although the trip will coincide with the Presidents Cup tournament in Melbourne, a side trip to visit the US team is being advised against because it would be a bad look at home.

The White House and Gillard government confirmed yesterday that after two aborted attempts the President will visit on November 16 and 17.

The visit, to mark the 60th anniversary of the ANZUS treaty, will be sandwiched between the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation summit in Hawaii and the East Asia Summit in Bali.

In the same week Mr Obama is in Australia, the best US golfers will be playing their non-European counterparts at Royal Melbourne Golf Club, which last hosted the event in 1998. Australia is the first country outside the US to host the biennial tournament twice.

Mr Obama is a keen golfer and was the honorary chairman of the 2009 tournament. Julia Gillard is the chairwoman of this year's event.

But diplomatic sources said as well as visiting Hawaii and Bali, his trip would include the G20 in Cannes. Under domestic pressure over the economy, the spectre of the President at a golf tournament on top of three holiday destinations would not go down well.

Mr Obama cancelled a trip in in March last year due to a crisis over healthcare reform in the US. He was then due to visit in June 2010 but cancelled because of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The same week, Kevin Rudd was rolled for the leadership.

The Sydney Morning Herald understands the US government has been putting out feelers to ascertain how stable Julia Gillard's job is.

As Ms Gillard informed Parliament of the visit yesterday, she was taunted by Coalition MPs who claimed she needed the visit to boost her own flagging fortunes.

After question time, Tony Abbott clarified that the Coalition meant no disrespect and Mr Obama was welcome.

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