Has PM Gillard kick-started The Australian Tea Party?

Before the last election PM Julia Gillard promised "there will be no carbon tax under the government I lead". She barely scraped into power but managed to get in by forming a coalition with the Greens aka Marxists, and a few Independents who went against the wishes of their constituents.

Who knows what she promised them.

Now she has done a complete backflip and is determined to introduce a "carbon" tax to please her Green masters, and no doubt to raise some revenue to make up for the shortfall in funds that the left Labor government has created by spending money like there was no tomorrow.

The last Right-leaning government had had Australia with a surplus.

Andrew Bolt explains:

THE tut-tutting started even before the first protester outside Parliament House yesterday unfurled the first banner.

This was the crowd that last March was so “offensive” and even “sexist”, frowned one ABC radio presenter.

And the thousands of protesters who again gathered in Canberra yesterday to rage against the Gillard Government’s carbon dioxide tax turned out to be just as angry and rude as last time.

“Dump the Frump,” read one sign. “Ditch the Witch,” read another.

There was a lot of shouting and a coffin was paraded to symbolise the death of democracy.

Meanwhile, workers inside the building sorted through thousands of government propaganda packs explaining the tax, which outraged householders had sent back, some with obscenities scrawled on them.

Yes, there’s an anger out there probably not seen since the dismissal of the Whitlam government, and journalists are in full reprimand at such rudeness to another Labor Government.

“Today’s carbon tax rally was a freak show,” sneered one News Ltd reporter. And the protesters’ calls for a new election were “sooky”.

The protesters were “vilifying” Prime Minister Julia Gillard, declared a Sky newsreader.

But what worries me far more than this raucous anger is that the Gillard Government so recklessly unleashed it, eroding the bonds of trust that still keep us together. Unlike what we saw in Britain last week.

Understand that anger yesterday, which we’ll see even more of next Monday, when the truckies’ “Convoy of No Confidence” reaches Canberra.

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