"Learn to Link...or Die"


By Jeffrey A. Tucker

I've held my peace for as long as I can, but there will be no more silence on this critical issue of the day. Here is the bottom line: you need to learn to make a link or you should fall into the grave early.

There is no getting by in life without this skill. It is a bloody outrage that people continue not to know how to do this. And yet it happens all the time. Very intelligent people who are not actually in fact dead get on blogs and forums and paste URLs hoping that they will send people to a particular website but they don't know how to make it active so that someone else can actually click it and go to that website.

Then the administrator of the forum or blog has to go in and fix it, wasting his time. You have tried to help but in fact you are only leaving a path of annoyance everywhere you go.

It's nothing short of incredible if you think about it. In 1995, you can sort of understand the ignorance.

"Why should I learn to make a link. I'll leave that to the 'webmaster'. I'm a ________ (fill in the blank) not an internet geek. It's not my job."

It's been 13 years — nearly a decade and a half — since linking has been part of the functioning of the world and part of daily life generally. There are no excuses left.

Every person who lives and breathes and has use of his or her mental facilities should know how to create a web link. This is increasingly the bare minimum requirement of nearly every desk job on the planet...

Read these simple instructions and learn that skill once and for all!

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