What the heck IS a "militia," anyway?

'Militia' used as manipulation

Let us theorize for a moment: what if a state revives a state militia, for the sole and expressed purposes of defending that state against foreign and domestic tyranny and usurpations, as expressed in the second amendment? What if three-fourths of the states deny this state the right of protecting its freedom, independence and sovereignty through a well-regulated militia? What if the federal government attempts to shut the militia operation down and criminally prosecutes those participating?

As I have repeatedly stated, the States in America are choosing (and will be forced to choose) which path they are going to take: the road to freedom or tyranny? Some will choose the path of truth and freedom. Others will choose the path of manipulation, lies and slavery. And so the principles of limited government may be able to thrive once again in those states that choose freedom.
No, it's not about some supposedly well-armed "crackpot" group being targeted by the media. It is all about the sovereignty of your State, and it has as much to do with the Tenth Amendment as the Second.

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