Amnesty International reveals whose side it is on

Amnesty International Head Supports “Defensive Jihad”

Reported: 22:15 PM - Apr/07/10

(IsraelNN.com) The head of the human rights group Amnesty International, Claudio Cordon, issued a letter supporting "defensive jihad" – a term which is used to support ideological terrorism around the world.

Three weeks ago senior Amnesty worker, Gita Chagall, expressed opposition to the fact that the organization was holding contacts with Muazam Bag, who is identified ideologically with the Taliban. The same day Chagall was suspended from her job, after 30 years of work for Amnesty.

While other human rights activists protested Chagall’s dismissal, Amnesty’s Secretary-General himself, defended the relationship between Amnesty and the Taliban follower, claiming that "defensive jihad isn’t against human rights."

Amnesty International has frequently accused Israel of human rights abuses.

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