The Obamination: Chicago-Style Vote Fraud and Clintonian/Nixonian Coverups

Big surprise here (sarcasm): The Obama regime, via the Justice Department, spiked the ACORN vote-fraud investigation.

Judicial Watch releases FBI documents on ACORN investigations

Unfortunately, the Republican administration during the GWB regime had an opportunity to investigate not only ACORN but other vote frauds. They failed to do so.

More is coming to light:

As a purely historical note, the Obaminators seem to have learned their electoral chicanery from the Chicago political scene, and their coverup techniques from the Clintons. The amoral Clintons, in turn, seem to have absorbed the examples of the Dixie Mafia and the Nixon Administration. Nixon obviously learned electoral chicanery the hard way from Mayor Richard J. Daley of Chicago, who saw to Nixon's defeat in 1960.

Thus we have come full circle.

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