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From Maggie's Farm.

The American citizen and taxpayer is being raped. It's as simple as that. It's Chicago-style political thuggery writ large. Once this parasite takes hold of any part of the economy or the body politic, it uses every stratagem to bleed its host until nothing is left. Even if someone, somehow, manages to stop the "euthanasiator" from forcing through this particular round of national socialist "health care" legislation, it will keep coming back around again and again and again, because the system is broken.

What to do? The options are capitulation to tyranny (unacceptable to me), violence (counterproductive, in that it gives the tyrants more excuses for repressive measures), and departure from the totalitarian state.

Departure en masse means secession. True, it was thwarted - temporarily - in the US in the 1860s, but much more recently it succeeded, without bloodshed, with the "Velvet Divorce" in Czechoslovakia. If sufficiently many citizens of sufficiently many states want it, it'll happen.

Don't let the leftists fool you! The growing demand for secession in the US has nothing to do with bringing back slavery. Quite the contrary; secession has everything to do with protecting ourselves from being enslaved to a tyrannical federal government.

I have posted some tea party, state sovereignty, and Southern regional links in the 1389 Links blogroll in the sidebar of this log. The movement has been quite active in South Carolina and elsewhere. If you have any more links, by all means, post them here and let me know. There's still time to get involved.

Departure as an individual means expatriation. That's a drastic measure, but if you have some marketable skills and some ability to acquire another language, there are some options. If you think you might be interested, read the articles here and here.

We will be blogging more about secession at 1389 Blog.

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