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Marcus said...

So, sorry about a random comment here. I just don't know how to
contact you. You can ask Natalie about my contact info....

If you are a Serb:

Rank the three groups according to who you think is more advanced (least to most):
Bosniaks, Shiptars, Croats.

1389 said...

I'm a Serbian-American, not a Serb living in Serbia. I can't answer questions like that. There are good and bad people everywhere (well, almost everywhere...I doubt you'll find good people in an al Qaeda training camp); there are smart people and stupid people everywhere; there are educated people and ignorant people everywhere.

If you want to contact me, there's a link to click in the sidebar of this blog. It'll bring up a page with a graphic image showing my email address. You can type the address into your email program and contact me from there.