Ron Paul has a BLIMP? Say it isn't so...

The Jawa Report: It Has Risen

The comments at Jawa Report are hysterical...

"So, he has a disparagable now, huh?"

Also see:

Trailhead: Blimpin' Ain't Easy



From Hot Air (which is appropriate in a way...)

Ron Paul blimp ready to rock America back to the gold standard

I was going to say "rock the fiat money right out yo' pockets" but I figure the number of Paul donors among the HA readership is blessedly small.
Anyway, they did it.

"Who is Ron Paul? Google Ron Paul," the 240,000-cubic-foot zeppelin will read on one side and "Ron Paul Revolution" on the other when it launches from Elizabeth City, N.C., Monday and begins its slow, 300-mile-per-day float up the Eastern Seaboard to Boston…

The plan is to have it floating over Boston Harbor by the weekend of Dec. 15, where Paul supporters will reenact the Boston Tea Party and hold a large rallyat Faneuil Hall. His online supporters have a fundraising effort, which coincides with the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. For more on that, checkout Teaparty.com.

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