Pownce now has a mobile interface!

Pownce Goes Mobile, Puts the Twist to Twitter

From the article:

Pownce has filled in one of the gaps in its current feature set with a new mobile version available at m.pownce.com. So far there's been no official announcement on the Pownce blog, but co-founder Kevin Rose mentioned the mobile site in a Pownce note (natch) yesterday. A follow up post from another Pownce developer calls the mobile version "very alpha."

Indeed, in testing the new mobile version on the iPhone I encountered a couple of bugs. The most annoying was that initially the site claimed I didn’t have cookies enabled and couldn’t login. However, refreshing the page caused it to accept the login and from there I was able to successfully post a note (the same cookie problem cropped up when using Firefox to shoot the screenshot above so it isn’t just an iPhone issue).

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