Neo-Nazi Croatian band Thompson to tour Melbourne Dec. 29, 2007

Who are the REAL Nazis?

The Australian Jewish News: Pro-Nazi band to tour Melbourne

A REPRESENTATIVE from Festival Hall has confirmed that pro-Nazi Croatian singer Marko Perkovic, together with his band Thompson, will play in Melbourne on December 29.

Thompson has publicly expressed its support for the Ustashe, a pro-Nazi regime that was responsible for the murder of tens of thousands of people during World War II, and was known for singing nationalistic songs in support of Croatia...

Despite Perkovic and his band previously playing in Australia, [B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation Commission executive director Manny] Waks said he had petitioned former immigration minister Kevin Andrews not to allow Thompson back into Australia. Waks said he would call on new minister Senator Chris Evans to deny visas to the band members...

Correction: the Ustasha body count was far higher than the "tens of thousands" mentioned above. Scroll down to the links below for details.

Contact Senator Chris Evans (Western Australia):

Senator Chris Evans
48 Ventnor Ave

Website: http://www.chrisevans.alp.org.au/index.php
Email: senator.evans@aph.gov.au

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Oh, and BY THE WAY...

Where are those bloggers who pretend to be so concerned about neo-Nazism in Europe?

Charles Johnson and his minions at Little Green Footballs (or is it Leftist Green Footballs?) has been mighty preoccupied with slinging false accusations of Nazi connections these days. Don't be fooled into believing any of it. Those groundless accusations are merely a ploy to smear everybody who is actually doing effective work in the counterjihad.

Nazism is just fine with LGF, provided it's their Nazism.

Thompson is a genuine, obvious, and loudly self-proclaimed Croatian fascist, who makes common cause with Muslims in the Balkans, and who gets crowds whipped up to "kill Serbs." You'll never find a more flagrant Nazi anywhere. But then, Charles Johnson and his dwindling group of supporters are continuing to spread enemy disinformation against the Serbs, thereby promoting the interests of al Qaeda in the Balkans. With that agenda, Thompson is on their team.

Not long ago, 1389 made the mistake of supposing that LGF was a legitimate anti-jihadist site, as it purported to be, and posted some messages on LGF asking people to protest Thompson's earlier tour of the US and Canada. LGF refused to get involved, even though, at that time, CJ probably still had enough support in the blogosphere to get the concert shut down. Instead, 1389 was banned from LGF.

Any more questions about whose side LGF is on?


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