GWB authorizes postage stamp honoring Islam

This site says that the release date is Dec. 25, but actually the stamp is already available.

See: Boycott Muslim 'Christmas' Stamp

Netlore Archive: Email urges boycott of 'Muslim Christmas stamp' (in reality a U.S. postage stamp commemorating the Islamic holidays Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha)

Description: Email flier
Circulating since: Late 2002
Status: Factually accurate

For a photo of the 2007 stamp, see USPS Product: Eid.

Evidently, Bush authorizes such a stamp every year.

This shows that he is no Christian and he is no American.

Shari'a law does not comport with the US Constitution that he swore to uphold.

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1 comment:

Sounder said...

In 2001 Islamists attacked America. 6 years later Islam is honored. What's going on?