Beware of John McCain!

Kosovo: Foreign Policy Litmus Test for US Presidential Candidates

(R) Senator John McCain who made his name nationally known by advocating the 1999 NATO Bombing, and the empowerment of radical Islamofascists in the Balkans. Back in 1999, McCain even advocated the we send American troops into Kosovo on behalf of the secessionist drug-running KLA. McCain has consistently been on the Albanian American Civic League's payroll and even marched with them a year after the NATO intervention. McCain doesn't mention that while he was a POW he shared a cell with US Captain, Congressional Medal of Honor winner & proud Serb-American Lance Sijan for whom the Air Force created the Lance P. Sijan Award. If Sijan were alive today, he wouldn't spit on the better part of John McCain. McCain receives 47% of his campaign donations from $2,300 or more contributors. McCain is a conservative Republican and aggressive interventionist.

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