Article on Kosovo - well worth reading


and: Serb Liberation Blog: Terror in Kosovo-Metohija

The US and the EU are stubbornly bumbling toward yet another disaster in the Balkans. They plan to turn over Kosovo to a narcoterrorist/jihadist mob that is the local branch of al Qaeda. What are they trying to do, provoke a world war with Russia? The madness, idiocy, and evil that lay behind this policy is beyond the comprehension of this author.

It didn't take long for the trolls to appear. I responded with this:

The blood-libels against the Serbian people uttered by the disgraceful Epaminondas and Lil Green Lizard have already been thoroughly refuted in many places, including:

this link on Gulf Coast Pundit Forums,

Rome Wasn't Built in a Day - Nor Was Modern Anti-Serbian Racism, and

this recently-updated blog post.

Let me remind Epaminondas, Lil Green Lizard, and everyone else at Leftist Green Footballs that false accusations of genocide have been used, and are still being used, to incite real genocide against those falsely accused, namely the Serbs. This, in itself, is a war crime - on your part - and it has not gone unnoticed.

Posted by: 1389 Tuesday, December 04, 2007 at 01:35 AM

And this:

The Bosnian Muslim mujahideen and the Kosovo Albanian Muslim KLA (under whatever false name they are calling themselves this week) are the local branches of al Qaeda in the Balkans.

By continuing to spread enemy propaganda on behalf of al Qaeda, under the guise of being counter-jihadist bloggers, Charles Johnson and his stooges from Leftist Green Footballs are HELPING THE ENEMY.

Last I checked, the US is at war with AQ. If nothing else, as long as OBL's fatwa against the US remains in effect, AQ is at war with the US. That makes them enemies. That makes these "lizardoids" traitors.

You DO have to choose sides in these conflicts. There is no middle ground between good and evil, between truth and error, between supporting your country and supporting its enemies. Attempting to remain neutral means evading one's duties.

Throughout history, giving aid and comfort to the enemy of one's homeland has been a capital offense, not only in the US but just about everywhere else. This is because a traitor does far more damage than any legitimate enemy combatant. At least in the US, the laws have not been changed, and when things get bad enough - and they will - the US will begin enforcing those laws again. Rope, tree, lizards…

Posted by: 1389 Tuesday, December 04, 2007 at 06:08 AM

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