Lotus Notes Lifesaver

Those of you who are mainframe IT workers may be aware that Lotus Notes client can suddenly start misbehaving when certain cache files get corrupted. Here's a fix that often works:

  • Log out of Lotus.

  • Look for the Lotus Notes local database directory:

    • Select the File menu.

    • Select Preferences.

    • The dialog box should show the local database directory path. Typically, if your your local work files are on the C: drive, expect to find C:\Lotus\Notes\Data.

  • Look for these two files:

    • Cache.NDK

    • bookmark.nsf

  • Rename those two files to something else.

  • DO NOT TOUCH any files with any other filename/extension!

  • Restart Lotus. Be patient; the first time you restart, it'll take some extra time to rebuild those files.

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